Mélanie Bordas Aubies Mélanie Bordas Aubies

Mélanie Bordas Aubies



Fine Art Print 
Edition of 50
70 cm x 50 cm 
Fine Art Paper 250gsm

About the Artist

Definitely influenced by her 90’s adolescence, La Vie Sauvage is an elixir of white-washed jeans, oversized Tees, smiley faces and other rainbow flip-flops infused with grunge culture spiced  in 2010 and a hint of nostalgia that never drives her too far from being fresh and 'cutting edge'.
La Vie Sauvage is almost a lifestyle or a philosophy, where, as Robert Filliou best put it: 'Art is what makes life more interesting than Art'.
And, well, La Vie Sauvage, is a girl, in her thirties but not sedated by adulthood, who takes photos (with an unlimited pleasure).
She also makes music videos and is creatively invested in the magazine Janus Paper.