Ali Sahba - I Was Bored On A Monday Ali Sahba - I Was Bored On A Monday

Ali Sahba - I Was Bored On A Monday



Fine Art Print 
Edition of 20  
70 cm x 50 cm 
Fine Art Paper 250gsm

About the Artist

A space station on Mars, habitat of space sojourners, who, far from their home planet, live isolated from the hostile environment. Extravehicular activities behind the mountain ridges at the horizon. The series The Kepler Station depicts scenes of a Mars simulation that serves to gain insights for future flights to the neighbor planet and documents the endeavor of volunteers and researchers to grasp another planet while leaving the border between fact and fiction intentionally blurry. Following the original idea of a speculative, alpine space program, this work is the preliminary result of a three-year investigation into astronautic space travel. To be admitted into the one-month AMADEE-18 analogue Mars Mission in Oman, Florian Voggeneder had to complete a multi-month educational and physical program at the Austrian Space Forum. As a field crew member, he participated in research studies and conducted various experiments.